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10 Years Deep, Towards Our Rainbow

Our Mission

The Black Feminist Project enriches the lives of, restores agency, justice, joy and health to Black women, girls and non-men, often referred to as marginalized genders or MaGes and the children they care for - with an emphasis on mother-led families. Using dynamic and engaging food and reproductive justice programming that explores not only the intersections of race, class, gender and respectability politics but also empowers them to tap into their inherent leadership abilities and dare to put themselves at the center of their own universes.

Our History

Ever since Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term intersectionality we have been looking at the myriad of ways that oppression and disparities show up in the lives of Black women, girls and non-men (often referred to as marginalized genders or MaGes). It does not happen in a silo and it can become easy to get lost in all the moving parts of “solving” a problem. Our model is to use food and reproductive justice and the intersection of the two as an entry point to interrogate the root causes of the ways women, girls and non-men/boys are disenfranchised and disempowered.

We also believe deeply that in order for folks to continue to fight they much be grounded in love and joy and their immediate needs must be met. To that end we craft accessible, multigenerational, radical women led programs void of jargon that engage the folks who are most impacted by racist and sexist policies and cultural norms. This includes our Food Box Program, our urban farm, “Black Joy Farm”, our teen girls and young women’s empowerment program, “Sis, do You!” and our yearly summit, “Not Just Talk”, as well as dozens of other workshops and special events.